Meet ryder & gizmo

Meet our celebrities and best spokespups for Bowowz...Ryder and Gizmo! Ryder is our rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Gizmo is our 12 year old Shitzhu. They are quite a pair! Ryder came to us with some anxiety issues that Gizmo and a lot of love and attention have helped him become an even tempered loving pup. Gizmo is a perfect example of his breed and loves to snuggle! The two of them bring a lot of joy and happiness to our family.


My story:


Bowowz pet treats was established in 2017 by myself, Kevin Driessen. For the past 20+ years I have worked in the retail meat market industry and loved every minute of it. I have worked in grocery stores and meat markets. You could say I’m a “foodie” and one of my favorite parts of my job has been talking with customers about what they want to feed their family. Talking about recipes and how to prepare and cook their food and then seeing them return to me time and time again. I made the transition into the pet food industry by chance when I was looking for an opportunity to work closer to home because my family needed me more at home. I took a position as pet food manager at a production facility because it would offer me the flexibility my family needed at that time. Growing up, my family always had dogs. When Kate and I started our family, we knew that pets were going to be a part of that plan. I love seeing my kids care for and play with our dogs Gizmo and Ryder. Sometimes they are the highlight of my day when I arrive home and they are so happy to greet me. I love my dogs and I love that my treats are the best I can give them. I’ve always wanted to start my own business and I’m proud of the product that I’ve chosen. Gizmo and Ryder are happy to always have a ready supply of tasty treats and who knew they’d be celebrities! You can see their faces on my logo. They don’t normally wear glasses; that’s just my quirky sense of humor! Thank you for your interest and support in Bowowz, I hope your four legged “kids” enjoy!


112 E Madison St Waterloo, WI 53594